About Us

Matt Parker

Matt Parker grew up in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He was a proud member of the National Guard for six years and Army Reserves for two years. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2008 and moved to Charleston, SC immediately after. He partnered with his sister (Ashleigh) and former brother in law (Nava) as they were a couple years into growing a local fence company. Upon arrival Matt began installing fences and eventually took over sales and operations. After assisting in growing the company he stayed on with the new owners when the company sold in 2012 and continued his roles to the end of 2015. Matt has learned every part of the business and prides himself in the knowledge he has acquired throughout the years and looks forward to growing Charleston Fence.

Argenis Nava

Nava was born in Venezuela and in 2000 he moved to Milwaukee, WI and was hired by a local fence company as a laborer. Through hard work and dedication he quickly moved from carrying wood and doing simple jobs to becoming a head installer and running a crew. The opportunity arose for Nava to move to Charleston, SC. He quickly found work with a local fence company in Charleston and continued to master the craft of fence building. After years of working for other people he knew he had the knowledge and expertise to start his own business with the help of his previous business partner. They created a local fence company in 2005 and grew from a business that started out of their garage to a major competitor in the Tri- County area. In 2012 they sold their company. After a few months the new owners brought Nava back on to be the head installer. Years have passed and Nava is once again ready to be in an entrepreneur and is excited to succeed in this industry.